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We offer service oriented hosting solutions that maximize your bottom line. Our data center experts understand your passion for cryptocurrency mining. They consistently manage and optimize your miner rewards. Take advantage of our flexible hosting plans and get your miner up and running.


We support most miner hardware on the market today, including BTC, ETH, DASH, ZCash and many, many more.


We have a direct connection with our local Electrical Coop, providing a cost effective power supply for you.


Our facility is designed for efficient & cost effective cooling with both active and passive systems to keep your miner running the best.


Fiber-optics provide a powerful internet backbone for our operations, giving you greater bandwidth and a stable internet connection for your miner.

About Us

Here at Dynamic Power Sources, we provide sufficient production space, reliable internet connections, and the power to keep your miner happy and humming. You ship us your miner, and we do the rest. Getting it working and earning rewards that flow directly into your e-wallet. Call us today and let’s get started!

Meet The Team

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others”

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

Herbert S. Wagner


Over the last forty years, Herbert owned several successful businesses and enterprises as a global entrepreneur domestically and internationally. He has the vision for the Cryptocurrency Market and the passion to make cryptocurrency mining available to everyone, not just a select group of high-profile investors. The future of Blockchain technology will be available to everyone and he is building the foundation for a widespread financial success story.

Tarren A. Carpenter

Facility Manager

As the head of the facility management, Tarren coordinates and oversees all aspects of the operation. His multitasking capabilities assure a safe and secure working environment. He is the go-to person for all maintenance, cooling, ventilation, and building related issues.

Kent P. Andrews

Network Engineer

With 15 years of work experience in the Network Technology & Telecommunication Industry, Kent takes control over all network establishments, servers, VPN’s, routers, and other physical hardware. He assures operational firewalls, up to date virus protection software and data security systems that keep customer data and communications protected.

Catherine L. Summers

Customer Service Agent

As the go-to person for all customer related issues Catherine takes control of every aspect in the administrative arena. She assures that confidential customer information is secured and protected. She takes pride in providing knowledge-based support for the daily operations and oversees customer requests and inquirers.

Michael W. Mitchell

Sales Acquisition

As head of the Sales Acquisition Team, Michael is the main contact person for our customers. His expertise in the field of cryptocurrencies and trend evaluation provides a safe haven for our customers. Instead of just investing in cryptocurrencies and hoping for the best, he takes pride in helping our customers to invest in themselves, by positioning them on the other side of the spectrum.

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Our operational facility is located in the high country of Northern Arizona, in the town of Pinetop-Lakeside.

Our facility is capable of hosting any miner with up to 4,000-watt power consumption.

Upon receiving your miner, we can provide operational services within 3-5 business days.

We are fortunate to work with a local electrical coop; and therefore, can provide a very competitive electrical rate of $0.07 per kWh.

Clients can access the mining facility only through maintenance staff provided by the agency. This procedure is necessary due to the high-power electrical operation, to avoid liability related issues and for the protection and safety of our clients.

We are fortunate to operate with a reliable fiber optic internet provider.
The cost of services is determined by the miner model and the wattage used to operate it. For a customized quote please contact us directly and provide your equipment specifications.
Absolutely. We are more than happy to guide you in the right direction and connect you to reliable suppliers. We offer a customized approach in selecting the right equipment for your needs. We are constantly reviewing current market trends in search of the most efficient and cost-effective equipment.
Upon arrival of your miner, we prepare the operating space for the equipment placement. This includes providing the appropriate electrical supply to meet all electrical needs, establishing network and pool connections. We do not offer any warranty services for your equipment which should be covered by your manufacturer’s guarantees.
Yes, of course. Please contact us to discuss available shipping options.
We offer a month-to-month hosting service; or customized long term hosting options with 6-, 12- or 36-months terms.
Absolutely not. Your mining rewards will flow directly into the e-wallet of your choice.
Our facility provides up to 16 MW and 20,000 Amp electrical power.
The repair of the equipment is not included in the basic hosting service fee. Upon request we are capable to offer repairs and replacement parts for an additional charge.
The mining pool selection is a customer choice. We are more than happy to provide you with suggestions and substantial information to make the most profitable decision.
Contact us directly to get started. You can provide your information on our contact page. We will respond to your request A.S.A.P

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